COLLAPSE in Collaboration

Lampung,July 2006
Prodo with SPOTCH from LSA (Lampung Street Art). I didnt have more photo, especially my piece.
Semarang,May 2008
First Prodo with REBEL in Semarang

Tangerang, September 2008
i was collaboration againt with SPOTCH (LSA)

Salatiga, february 2009
Urgent Collaboration with BOO Monster and INONK in Born to Burn#3 Event,. Salatiga  Graffiti Exibition by SOLAR and SINNER CREW (Salatiga).
 Semarang, february 2009
Prodo shock therapy with INONK.
Semarang July,2009
Collaboration with JEHO (SVK, RST) in Economic Faculty UNIKA Semarang.

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